From: Paul Edgei

Dear Reader,

Your Prosperity Matrix is my “brain child” – I created it and have periodically refined it over the years, turning it into...


Prosperity Program For Everyone


You can think of it like this:

Imagine you own a computer (you probably do). Now, perhaps you can imagine only using it as a calculator. Deep inside you knew there had to be more than simply using your computer for basic tasks. However, every day you boot up your computer to work out how much money you can spend for that day. Then, one day, someone watches you do this, and shows you the true potential of your computer. It seems so simple once you appreciate the full power you have always had, but didn`t know how to access it. How excited would you be in that moment your learned you can create almost anything now? 



If you want to be in a permanent state of peace of mind and abundance in all areas of your life, you go through your Prosperity Matrix.


You go into the program at whatever level you’re at in your life. Doesn’t matter. Because by the time you come out of Code Zero you are transformed into...