Unlock Your Prosperity Matrix


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From: Paul Edge - Internationally Renowned Innovator, Influencer and Creator

Dear Reader,

Your Prosperity Matrix is my “brain child” – I created it and have periodically refined it over the years, turning it into...

The Ultimate TRANSFORMATIONAL Prosperity Program For Everyone

You can think of it like this:

Imagine you own a computer (you probably do). Now, perhaps you can imagine only knowing how to use it as a calculator. Deep inside you knew there had to be more than simply using your computer for basic tasks, and yet, you could never figure out what else to do. Then, one day, someone watches you do this, and shows you the true potential of your computer. It seems so simple once you appreciate the full power you have always had, but didn't know how to access it. I wonder how excited would you be in that moment when you learned you can create anything now?


If you want to be in a permanent state of peace of mind and abundance in all areas of your life, you go through your Prosperity Matrix, which shows you how to activate your Thrive Cycle and override the Survive Cycle. By the way experts who study the survive cycle believe over 90% of humanity is permanently in a survive cycle.

You go into the program at whatever level you’re at in your life. Doesn’t matter. Because by the time you finish Code Zero you are transformed into...

Somewhere, right at the bottom of one’s own being, one generally does know where one should go and what one should do. But there are times when the clown we call ‘I’ behaves in such a distracting fashion that the inner voice cannot make its presence felt.
— Carl Jung
In a deep metaphysical sense, all that is conditioned is illusory. All phenomena are literally ‘appearances,’ the outer masks in which the One Reality shows itself forth in our changing universe. The more ‘material’ and solid the appearance, the further is it from reality, and therefore the more illusory it is.
— Annie Besant


You will have the internal mind-set to thrive in any situation where hypnosis is required.

The reason is due in large part to what some insiders are calling the “Prosperity matrix”.

What’s the “Prosperity Matrix”?

Well, that’s what you will learn how to execute when you choose to go through the 12-week life changing CODE ZERO reprogramming of your conscious mind, because the more you feel the gift of awe and wonder by connecting to your unconscious mind, the greater the experience of infinite possibility becomes.

But to give you an idea – it’s YOUR SECRET 4-STEP UNCONSCIOUS PROSPERITY PROGRAM that I myself have spent 1000s of hours learning how to decode and personally use to deal with every therapeutic or personal change work situation.

The power is in this 4-step unconscious process.

And when you too learn how to execute YOUR VERY OWN UNIQUE 4-STEP PROSPERITY PROTOCOL (which you most definitely will do by the end of the CODE ZERO program)...


You Will Have A Simple & Repeatable Prosperity Sequence (Process) To Produce FAST "Turn Around" Results With Any Person And Any Issue, Personal or Business.

Again – the power is in this process that resides unactivated deep inside of you just waiting to be activated because it's only just a choice.

All you have to do is set aside only 3-hours a week for 12-weeks and you’ll also have “access” to (and where appropriate, be able to use) the same kind of prosperity & personal change secrets that prosperity masters like myself have access to – including:

  • The REAL SECRET to being not just a good, but a truly EXCEPTIONAL prosperity master in every area of your life, business or personal.
  • Identify and destroy the lifelong Destructive Active Patterns that were installed before you were even conscious.
  • How to effortlessly achieve PEACE OF MIND because you have the strategies and resources now to BREAK FREE FROM CHALLENGING LIMITING BEHAVIORS TODAY caused by painful experiences from yesterday and in your past.
  • Exactly what to do to set up the right conditions BEFORE you move into survive cycle.
  • The secret that guarantees your family,loved ones, friends and business will benefit now from your prosperity expertise every time.
  • Experience profound and life changing empathy, compassion and forgiveness of others with this powerful knowledge.
  • Get the information you need to create smooth and prosperous magical moments in all areas of your life with this profound technique .
  • The most powerful responses that you can do anytime, any place, anywhere.
  • The 4-Step Prosperity Process - a Foolproof Response System. (Never again will you worry whether a particular technique works for you... you will ALWAYS have an easy and worry-free next step ready to go).
  • How to make sure your hard work “sticks” and stays with you for long-term benefits.
  • How to spot when it's right to respond to challenging situations differently and when to leave well enough alone.
  • A prosperity "stepping stone" sequence for all occasions – do this as easily on an airplane as in your office.
  • The key core patterns that take care of 80% of ALL situations you will come in with in your life (plus proprietary CODE ZERO techniques that quickly clear up the remaining 20%).
  • 5 simple steps for making your Prosperity Matrix SECOND NATURE to you. People will marvel at your strategies and respond as if SPELLBOUND to your profound clarity!

Plus much MUCH more...

Say to yourself now, "I can do this. I can master the Code Zero Prosperity Matrix".

But what is [the] quality of originality? It is very hard to define or specify. Indeed, to define originality would in itself be a contradiction, since whatever action can be defined in this way must evidently henceforth be unoriginal. Perhaps, then, it will be best to hint at it obliquely and by indirection, rather than to try to assert positively what it is.

One prerequisite for originality is clearly that a person shall not be inclined to impose his preconceptions on the fact as he sees it. Rather, he must be able to learn something new, even if this means that the ideas and notions that are comfortable or dear to him may be overturned.

But the ability to learn in this way is a principle common to the whole of humanity. Thus it is well known that a child learns to walk, to talk, and to know his way around the world just by trying something out and seeing what happens, then modifying what he does (or thinks) in accordance with what has actually happened. In this way, he spends his first few years in a wonderfully creative way, discovering all sorts of things that are new to him, and this leads people to look back on childhood as a kind of lost paradise. As the child grows older, however, learning takes on a narrower meaning. In school, he learns by repetition to accumulate knowledge, so as to please the teacher and pass examinations. At work, he learns in a similar way, so as to make a living, or for some other utilitarian purpose, and not mainly for the love of the action of learning itself. So his ability to see something new and original gradually dies away. And without it there is evidently no ground from which anything can grow.
— David Bohm