Unleash The Power of Your Unconscious Mind Now.


Welcome to Code Zero.

Since you are reading this you are already aware by now how profoundly life-changing, unrivaled and valuable Code Zero is.

Every Code Zero process incorporates advanced proprietary psychotherapeutic techniques that accommodate ancient knowledge, metaphysics, Kaufman's knot theory, frequency, Ericksonian theory, the concept of "helix to hologram" and much more.

In today's ever relentless society many of our clients feel it is important to free themselves of active destructive patterns by experiencing the Code Zero process, because they are able to rid themselves of unnecessary and unwanted stress. In the hectic modern demanding world every day, by now you obviously know there is no way to avoid increased complexities and stress. Everyone needs a way to be protected from increased stress and the Code Zero processes and experience provides that kind of protection for you.

People who accomplish a great many things are people who have freed themselves from biases. These are the creative people.
All human beings, all persons who reach adulthood in the world today are programmed biocomputers. No one of us can escape our own nature as programmable entities. Literally, each of us may be our programs, nothing more, nothing less.
— John C Lilly

Code Zero is not a quick fix because real change takes at least 3 months to achieve.

As each week progresses, the techniques coalesce to attain an accumulated effect. By the way, many of our clients tell us that the full Code Zero process is like an unstoppable tidal wave of powerful, profound and positive change.

Perhaps you are asking now, how can Code Zero impact your life positively? Do you think you struggle with limiting beliefs? Do you feel that your relationships could be improved? Perhaps you have singled out the right course of action over misleading paths. Can’t you select to be more successful over letting life pass you by now?

Wouldn’t you want to be fully aware of your biggest blocks if you had the secret to resolving them?

Can’t you now select to follow this easy path to success over the well worn path of mediocrity?

Wouldn’t you want to pinpoint the one thing that could take your life experience to the next level if you knew it would cost you less than a fraction of the extra happiness and contentment you would receive in exchange?

“Who are you anyway but not like this everywhere but here? Where does all that you haven't considered yet come from?


You may not know if Code Zero is going to be just right for you and I wouldn’t want to tell you that Code Zero has come into your life at exactly the right time now, because you may feel it is so powerful that it would be unfair to benefit from it. Sooner or later you’ll realize that the easiest way to get everything you want is through the Code Zero experience.

Every time you think about your self you can only discover that there is more to you than everything that you only thought you were. Only completely and totally recognizing that you're so much more than anything else you have been will be the one way that only your inner self can freely emerge .

Everything that is only in addition to what you naturally do is less than what you're capable of, so that doing everything that's in addition to what you think you're doing is more than barely being your true self, to the extent that anything less than unleashing the power that lies dormant inside won't allow you to be more than the false limits your conscious mind has accepted, to the extent there's so much more to you than you have yet to realize now, isn't there?

I can't answer that for you, but when you think about it, isn’t it worth finding out for yourself?

We often find that we cannot easily give up the tendency to hold rigidly to patterns of thought built up over a long time. We are then caught up in what may be called absolute necessity. This kind of thought leaves no room at all intellectually for any other possibility, while emotionally and physically, it means we take a stance in our feelings, in our bodies, and indeed, in our whole culture, of holding back or resisting. This stance implies that under no circumstances whatsoever can we allow ourselves to give up certain things or change them.
— David Bohm