A Golden Opportunity  For You To Internalize, Master And Activate Your Secret 4 STEP UNCONSCIOUS PROSPERITY PROGRAM – Enabling You To Produce Almost Instant "Turn Around" Results In Any Financial, Emotional Or Personal Challenge...

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From: Paul Edge


Dear Reader,

Your Prosperity Matrix is my “brain child” – I created it and have periodically refined it over the years, turning it into...

Prosperity Program For Everyone

You can think of it like this:

Imagine you own a computer (you probably do). Now, perhaps you can imagine only knowing how to use it as a calculator. Deep inside you knew there had to be more than simply using your computer for basic tasks, and yet, you could never figure out what else to do. Then, one day, someone watches you do this, and shows you the true potential of your computer. It seems so simple once you appreciate the full power you have always had, but didn`t know how to access it. I wonder how excited would you be in that moment when you learned you can create anything now


If you want to be in a permanent state of peace of mind and abundance in all areas of your life, you go through your Prosperity Matrix which shows you how to activate your Thrive Cycle and override your survive cycle. By the way experts who study the survive cycle believe over 90% of humanity is permanently in a survive cycle.

You go into the program at whatever level you’re at in your life. Doesn’t matter. Because by the time you come out of Code Zero you are transformed into...



You will have the internal mind-set to thrive in any situation where hypnosis is required.

The reason is due in large part to what some insiders are calling the “Prosperity matrix”.

What’s the “Prosperity Matrix”?

Well, that’s what you will learn how to execute when you choose to go through the 10 week life changing CODE ZERO reprogramming of your unconscious mind

But to give you an idea – it’s YOUR SECRET 4 STEP UNCONSCIOUS PROSPERITY PROGRAM that I myself have spent 1000s of hours learning how to decode and personally use to deal with every therapeutic or personal change work situation.

The power is in this 4 step unconscious process.

And when you too learn how to execute YOUR VERY OWN UNIQUE 4 STEP PROSPERITY PROTOCOL (which you most definitely will do by the end of the CODE ZERO program)...


You Will Have A Simple & Repeatable Prosperity Sequence (Process) To Produce FAST "Turn Around" Results With Any Person And Any Issue

Again – the power is in this process that resides unactivated deep inside of you just waiting to be activated because it`s only just a choice.

All you have to do is set aside only 2 hours a week for 10 weeks and you’ll also have “access” to (and where appropriate, be able to use) the same kind of prosperity & personal change secrets that prosperity masters like myself have access to – including:


  • The REAL SECRET to being not just a good, but a truly EXCEPTIONAL prosperity master

  • How to effortlessly achieve PEACE OF MIND because you have the strategies and resources now to BREAK FREE FROM CHALLENGING LIMITING BEHAVIORS TODAY caused by painful experiences from yesterday and in your past .

  • The secret that guarantees your family and loved ones will benefit from your prosperity expertise every time.

  • Exactly what to do to set up the right conditions BEFORE you move into survive cycle.

  • Get the information you need to create smooth and prosperous magical moments in all areas of your life with this simple technique.

  • The most powerful responses that you can do anytime, any place, anywhere.

  • The 4-Step Prosperity Process - a Foolproof Response System. (Never again will you worry whether a particular technique works for you ... you will ALWAYS have an easy and worry-free next step ready to go)

  • How to make sure your hard work “sticks” and stays with you for long-term benefits.

  • An ingenious yet simple way to do effective change work totally covertly – without even knowing what your clients problem are!

  • How to spot when it's right to respond to challenging situations differently and when to leave well enough alone

  • A prosperity "stepping stone" sequence for all occasions – do this as easily on an airplane as in your office

  • The key core patterns that take care of 80% of ALL situations you will come in with in your life (plus CODE ZERO techniques that quickly clear up the remaining 20%)

  • 5 simple steps for making your prosperity matrix SECOND NATURE to you. People will marvel at your strategies and respond as if SPELLBOUND to your profound clarity!

  • Plus much MUCH more...



I just completed a program called CODE ZERO by Paul Edge that has radically rewired my unconscious and cleared some of my deepest fears. It’s been an intense ride the past couple months for me and Paul has been instrumental in supporting my journey. A legendary DJ, visionary, and so much else, Paul took me through a mind-boggling series of sessions that involved an alchemy of hypnosis, NLP, healing, and what I can only describe as Jedi magic. It has transformed my life and the life of several of my friends. Cutting edge tools and techniques that are nowhere else to be found were used to show me my core issues, how they play out in patterns, and anchor release them with powerful experiential work. 

“CODE ZERO is derived from an ancient technique passed down by the Kahunas that has been re-engineered over the last 5 years by Paul Edge. It incorporates advanced proprietary psychotherapeutic techniques that accommodate metaphysics, Kaufman's knot theory, frequency, Ericksonian theory, the concept of "helix to hologram" and much more.”

After journeying around the world trying over a hundreds rare techniques healing modalities and tools, this is by far quite outstanding. I still have some work cut out for me, however I feel a day and night difference in many areas of my life. From rewiring my mind to love working out, to clearing out a huge fear that was stopping me from living my purpose that no other healing work was able to help with, I am forever grateful to Paul and his Code Zero Program. He treated me like a rockstar and has a heart of gold, truly caring and doing more than he promises to continually support those in his care. 

This program is filling up and he is only working with a few individuals so I highly recommend reaching out to him, to all my tribe and family that could use this deep operating system reboot for our minds as a way to live deeper into our purpose and hearts! I love you all!

- Daniel Raphael - High Performer Mentor - San Francisco, CA


I recently went through a program called CODE ZERO and I was attracted to process because I was looking for a breakthrough in a couple areas of my life that are really important to me in both my personal life as well as my career and I needed something else. 

Everything I tried previously was making it elusive for me to find what the real underlying reasons were for me not getting the results I wanted, and through this process was revealed to me some subconscious patterns that there's no way I could have possibly found on my own. Things I hadn't seen in my entire life that have started to have a dramatic positive impact in those areas. 

I can't thank Paul edge the facilitator enough for his his work in delivering this CODE ZERO process. It's really truly extraordinary work it's well worth the investment. If there's some area in your life that you really want to have a meaningful difference made and you want it relatively quickly. 

I highly recommend CODE ZERO and Paul to be your facilitator. 

– Aaron Fortner – High Performance Entrepreneur – La Costa, CA


In the 12 months that I have been utilizing the full CODE ZERO model for my business and myself personally, we have seen a 35% increase in sales, higher customer retention, increase of new clients, higher conversion rates and my website has doubled in value. 

As CEO I have become more focused, have greater clarity, my interpersonal skills have achieved new levels of harmony and I handle the day-to-day challenges of running my businesses and personal life more efficiently than in the past, allowing me to be aware and concentrated on the big picture verticals.” 

– Dorian Zaentz – Entrepreneur - Los Angeles - San Diego - San Francisco, CA


My name is Brian Leslie Miller and I am a spiritual psychologist helping people clear trauma and have more happiness in their life. I was exposed to CODEZERO and I wanted to share with the the impact that it's had in my life because it is remarkable. It really is a remarkable process. 

It's Going deep fast in a very safe container and I actually found it enjoyable. I laughed during the process. And it is also very effortless. 

My experience after doing some of the work is noticing just things resolve where blocks are no longer there. That behavior changed seemingly overnight because what was running it was no longer there. 

If you're looking to accelerate your own growth, I can tell you that people have been mentioning to me about the difference that they noticed in my presence and the way I'm basically showing up in life. I'm really happy about all the productivity that's happening as a result. So thank you very much. 

- Brian Leslie Miller – Spiritual Psychologist – Encinitas , CA


Sitting in contemplation right now about the session I had yesterday with Paul Edge. Didn’t think it would be that powerful, but holy shit....I’m blown away, (and PS this ain’t my first rodeo with clearing/repatterning work) It has been literally life transforming. 

I have done thousands and thousands of hours of different kinds of therapy and self-help programs to deal with this one specific personal challenge that I have in my life. And literally after the first session I came downstairs and talked to my husband and he said “what did you do different? What did Paul do to you because the words you're using and the way that you're speaking about this personal challenge is completely different than anything you've ever expressed before. So I'm personally finding that it's really easy to go deep with Paul because of how much I trust him. And I have positive everything to say about him. 

– Roxanne De Palma – Entrepreneur & Podcast Host – Encinitas, CA


Meeting Paul many many months ago and feeling like we’ve done this before in a past life or on another time line. This connection we made shifted my perspective almost immediately as I was studying frequencies, sound, geometry and dimensions of our bodies. Paul walking me through the CODE ZERO process, my life path, purpose and steps towards my business became more clear. Going deep into my childhood I realize more and more of how I can be of service to this world and all that I love. 

Paul has helped me discover a new part of myself, that was dormant for many years for me to realize my purpose, my authenticity and who I am. 

This leap of awareness became very present and I realized it was the missing link in my program for my clients. As this occurred, a more profound energy started to flow effortlessly through me, new ideas came, inspired through love and divine action to advance my career in helping families in my most authentic way possible. 

- Josiah Samadhi – YOGA Master – San Marcos, CA, 


I have just completed the CODE ZERO program. I would say that I feel like a very very different person from when I started the program. I initially met Paul and what was happening in my life at the time was there was just a lot of chaos going on in every area of my life. I'll say relationally, internally, emotionally, financially, things related to my purpose. It was almost like things appeared to be really great on the surface but really I felt like I was drowning in a way, I wasn't really looking at me and the fact that I was drowning in a lot of areas in my life was really clear to me that the CODE ZERO program would allow me to get to the root of these issues instead of trying to go and to what I call the personal development industry and trying to change these things and make my life better and create new habits. I knew that there was something deeper, something more profound that needed to shift in my life and hearing about the CODE ZERO program and what was required in the work that Paul would take me through. It felt like something that I could try. I`ve tried a lot of things. 

So what started to shift initially was my feelings around safety. I learned very quickly that a lot of the chaos that had a period in my life was because I didn't feel like I was in control of what was happening. I felt like I was drowning and below a lot of that, I actually didn't feel capable of creating safety for myself. So even in the first few sessions Paul was able to take me through a lot of the patterns that I'd created since I was a child and he was able to take me back to those moments and recreate those moments in my life to where I no longer felt imprisoned by them. I no longer was creating my current reality from those past memories. So safety was the biggest one. 

Another one was how I viewed myself, My own power and my own ability to create in this world. So as soon as the safety stuff was starting to really get looked at everything else in my life just instantly changed. I had an amazing financial month after we started and I've been having consistent financial months since, that's been really great. What's what's been most amazing for me is that I feel capable of creating that. Every month it's like almost not a question anymore. Whereas before it was , how can I do this?. How will I be able to do that?. Can I even do it?. I don't know if I trust myself. I don't have those questions anymore. So my relationships have drastically shifted especially with the boost of confidence and being able to feel fully safe in my own body again. 

Even my romantic life. How I was viewing myself before I noticed myself attracting people and experiences that I didn't want to attract. CODE ZERO helped me focus on what ways was I being, in what ways was I thinking that was attracting these people and these experiences in my life. Going through the program really was like putting a mirror in front of my face and saying, “what do you really want and do you really feel like you deserve what you want?”. And I'm still integrating a lot of that. It's a big question. I feel like I deserve what I want. I really really do now. I`m still still learning what that's like. Still learning what types of people and experiences that's bringing in for me romantically and as well on a friendship level. 

I hope that gives a good synopsis of some of my experience. If you are considering joining CODE ZERO I highly highly recommend it. A lot of times I see people saying “this is an emotional thing, or this trauma thing, or this hardest thing in my life is happening right now, do you have any healers or coaches or therapists that you could recommend me to?. I see other people recommending other people but I have been able to get such a comprehensive care plan in the CODE ZERO program that really went back to the root of all of the problems and challenges that I've been having in my recent life. Being able to use the memories and the experiences that I created when I was a child and get to those, and not necessarily stack more personal development on top. So if you are considering joining CODE ZERO I highly highly recommend it.

- Lauren Nicole Peters - Entrepreneur - Encinitas, CA


I was introduced to CODEZERO through Paul Edge who is the creator and founder of this incredible transformational amazing experience. I began using CODEZERO for more on the business aspect versus personal and the shifts that I've seen through have been incredible.

I've learned how to relate to people and to my clients in a way that I just never knew was possible. I've been able to create rapport extremely quickly. I have a background in mental health counseling where rapport is really the basis of everything, and the information that I've learned from Paul takes what I've already learned exponentially and has grown it in a way where my clients immediately feels seen, heard, loved and understood in very quick way.

I've also learned how to come to sales from a place that's heart centered vs. money centered and that has been a huge shift that my clients have seen and felt themselves. So their yeses this come just as easily as my yeses come and that's been really incredible.

The other shifts that I've seen that other people have seen around me is that my abundance mindset has just basically popped on. I feel like I'm in flow again. I know people talk about money blocks are being blocked by things and through the work that we've done those have just kind of dissipated. It's not something that's really there anymore so it's just it's just been really incredible and I'm so grateful to go through CODEZERO now and I look forward to continuing to go through this process because it's something that's kind of ongoing.

You know the coaching world talks about how you do anything is how you do everything and this work allows you to work through the everything very quickly so I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those people who think they've done it all. If you think you've done it all and you say you've done it all. I dare you to give this a try.

So thank you so much again.

– Kayce Neill – Trauma Therapy and Psychology – San Diego, CA


I have been working with Paul from CODE ZERO in a number of facets for many years. I was one of the first people to have the rare opportunity to test out the different theories and ideologies.

"When I first met Paul, I had just began the unravelling process that usually happens when one loses themselves. It was literally and figuratively, the calm before the storm. Every time I said it couldn't get any worse, it did. A couple years after meeting Paul we started working on some healing modalities, processes to reprogram the mind and the unconscious. My destructive tendencies had become out of control.

He started delving into my childhood and was able to get to the root cause and "why". That seems to be such an easy and obvious question, but at the time couldn't have been more difficult to ask myself. The process that I went through allowed me to take back my power. A power that I thought for sure had been long lost, never to return again. Then I realized, I never REALLY ever had the power. Just an illusion of power that was wrapped in ego, insecurity and self-loathing.

CODE ZERO is not a magic pill. Quite the contrary. It is a really tough step forward in a long beautiful journey of self-discovery. It is hard work - but nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy. It is however, easier to work for something when you actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Traditional" therapies and processes have not worked for me and most people I know. My belief is they lack the understanding of the "root cause" of the issue. You need to know where you come from in order to see where you are going. Focusing on the problem NOW does not change the outcome.

I am still a work in progress but I have a much clearer vision of the end game. I see with my shift in mindset, how my path has been clearing its way FOR ME instead of constantly trying and failing, then beating myself up for failing when I never really had the tools to succeed in the first place.

My career has turned around, I have recently secured a senior management position in a major Manhattan based organisation and I celebrate every day my journey out of the dark place I found myself in.

The more grateful I am for where I am at, the more things that keep finding their way to me. I am hopeful this will be the new way to healing for all."

- Monica O`Toole – Senior Executive – Manhattan, New York, NY


P.S Important: This is a process that anyone can learn, quickly and easily when you go through CODE ZERO, which means, it is absolutely terrifying the established "coaching" industry because many of our clients have told us not only how much better their lives are and that they will never need another coach again

P.P.S Code Zero does not subscribe to, or practice, the unethical up sell coaching model that is rampant in the personal transformation industry. CODE ZERO processes have been developed to be effective and produce lasting results by the end of the program.