Consider for a moment you can uplift humanity by pressing a button. Can you see how powerful this would be? You might notice the feelings such an ability would have as you contemplate the rewards being able to uplift humanity simply by pressing a button. Perhaps you can pause for a moment and imagine what that would look like now.

I wonder what evidence a person would need to know they had helped change the lives of their fellow human beings. I don’t know if an end to wars, to famine, to greed, to financial hoarding, to stress, to lack, to bigotry, to hatred, to discrimination, to hurting the planet, to hypocrisy and to disease on a global scale means that you have uplifted humanity, however I know you like me realize its important to free the world of these things now isn’t it?

Maybe you haven’t decided that you want to experience this new world yet. Maybe you haven’t given consideration to the amazing benefits you will receive once the world is free from death, disease, pain and hatred. Perhaps you might want to consider why it is important that humanity be freed from these conscious complexes now.

A person may focus on how their lives would change for the better if they were able to simply press a button and uplift their fellow citizens of mother earth because it is OK for you to dream, to imagine, to create, to help others, to give back, to be inspired, to have empathy and to love unconditionally, is it not? I could tell you to focus on how this inspiration will benefit you in your mind, body and soul but I would rather let you discover that for yourself.

Everyone knows that the double-slit experiment determined that the act of observing has a profound effect on the system, that’s why I’m wondering if you want to change the system of reality you are observing or not? What haven’t you not given that you don’t have to give that means what you observe isn’t what you want to observe, deep inside.

The more you become aware of the gifts you have been given, the more you want to pass on the love that has been given to you because you want to uplift humanity now. What are the gifts that you have that could make a profound difference to your fellow humans that you are aware hoarding, because everyone keeps some of their gifts secure and locked away in a vault. What are the gifts that are resources you have available, that you are afraid to give now? This is a conscious complex that you’re unconscious of.


As soon as you become aware of your unconscious, you override your conscious mind which is ruled by fear disguised as logic, which means, you become aware of that reality which you observe and experience. I need to tell you to consider the following very carefully now.

Certainly, you don’t have to allow your awareness to not focus on the system of reality that you aren’t not experiencing. A person might notice the feelings of what they are not experiencing as their awareness isn’t on the point of their awareness. One might, you know, begin to feel amazing experiences they are having when their awareness isn’t on those experiences.

So without a doubt, the more a persons awareness rests on things that they’re not experiencing, the more they can experience the things that they’re not, and the more they don’t experience the things that their awareness is on, the more that their unconscious mind is free to experience, really experience the real world and the world that is not real.

A world that is not real is a world that they’ve yet to experience, which means, they’re not experiencing it now, or perhaps they’re experiencing it, just not now. I don’t know if you realize a world that is not real is a world that you’re experiencing, just not now, because I wonder how many wonders are in that world that you’re experiencing not now but in the future.

In fact the question is:

  • What are the things that have not been real for you up to this point in your life that you really have wanted to be real?

  • What are the resources, the things that you’ve yet to experience, that you’re experiencing the not now or not experiencing the now?

Perhaps you are experiencing things in the right way right now that were not in your experience before you weren’t aware of them. Everyone knows the more your awareness isn’t, the more you can experience the incredible things that were never real for you, and the more you can wonder about the things you’ve yet to experience because the ability for you to experience amazing things in your life is far greater than anything you haven’t experienced yet, which means, its going to be infinitely greater than all the things you have experienced because the things you’ve experienced are finite in number, because the fantastic things you have wished you could experience but have not are still in that infinite range.

You might notice how good imagining pressing that button feels, when you realize how the lives of everyone you love dramatically improve because you choose to decide to press that button. Because the more you focus on how you can help others and take action to do so now, the more you become aware of the system of reality that you observe changing now.

How will you know that the reality system you observe is changed now because you decided to take action and be the change you want to see in the world? I can’t answer that for you because it’s easy to press a button when you know which one to press, is it not?